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Sυcн α вєαυtιfυℓ νιєω

Sнιnιng ѕ❂ вrιgнт


Since you're already here, might as well I introduce my self 🙈. The name's aCChan ☕ . I've had this journal since 2004, and since then it has been active/inactive several times. It was active back in 2004-2006ish, during my L'arc-en-Ciel fangirling era. Then I entered Arashi fandom in 2006, and I was more active on Vox until late 2008. I was only on LJ for Arashi communities then. Sadly, vox.com has closed down though, such a waste. I still wept remembering my old vox and the Arashi fans there were SO nice 😭. Fast forward 2009, I started stanning AAA, and this journal was so active back then. It was short lived, though. By 2010 I have slowed down due to my first job; this journal was basically dead the same year. RIP 💀

I started my tumblr in 2010 and it was focused on Jay Chou. A year and a half later, the blog became a GD/Bigbang focused. I guess I liked Tumblr best for fangirling, I made friends there, with whom I met irl as well. I gained thousands of followers along the way too, but again a newer job became a cockblock. By the end of 2013 my tumblr is also dead ☠. So yeah I've blabbed quite a lot about my blogging history and fandoms. I still love Japanese music, Brit Pop/Rock, and KPop (only Bigbang and Winner). I am mostly on twitter (fandom) and Instagram (fotd/makeup 😁) these days, but I do check my friends page from time to time. Check out my interests list; we might have some things in common. I'd gladly make more friends 💕. See ya!!