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21 January 2016 @ 09:22 am

So the company has been run by new set of Board of Directors since 2015. The most prominent director (mind you, it's not the CEO) is the finance director, and throughout his reign, he maintained the one and only startegy he thought best to pick up the company from its loss-state the previous year, which was: Cost Efficency.

The finance director is ruthless, anything he deemed unnecessary will be cut, be it deals, contracts, employees, but he is also known to be super soft towards his subordinates from his own directorate, the finance directorate. So while the entire company fear him, the people working directly under him have the time of their life.

Anyways, I've been working in the PR division, CSR department for 3 years (a world record), but quite recently my department was moved from PR division to Investor Relations division, under the finance directorate. It was awkward. Since when does Corporate Social Responsibility has to report to Investor Relations? Where is the link? My stakeholders are the community and environment, not investors.

Sorry, got sidetracked 😅. So the thing is, in this new division and directorate, me and my team are exposed to ass-kissersall the time. The people in here, they all worship the finance director and the (int'l relations) division head as if the sun shines from their buttholes... And I watched how their personalities took 180° change since the new director and his division head was appointed.

It was... Cringing, nerve-wracking and disgusting. So yeah, workplace is FAR from fun these days. I hate people with this mindset. Ugh, like, please use your brain and skills to the top, not your tongue skills. 🔪🔫

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20 January 2016 @ 09:37 am

I'm the type who makes friends easily with everyone in my department. Yet i'm also the type who'll get irritated when said friends get too close and start pressing my buttons. Bottomline is, I always make effort to get close with everyone ...until I get bored of them or I find faults in their personalities or attitude. Then I'd want to distance my self from them and just generally opt to be alone.

Is this weird? Sometimes I do wonder if it's probably better to be someone who's awkward at first then get along with others more as time goes on, then being the way I am. Apparently, those co-workers/friends of mine can tell the changes in my attitute towards them as well. And now, it's awkward (mostly on my part).

The one fault that i can never stand is the slacking off. I find it hard to maintain friendship with a co-worker who has some work interrelated with mine. The thing is, i get really annoyed when people are unable to do their work well (out of laziness, incapabilities, etc) and I hate it more if it interferes with my work or worse, if i get said work delegated to me--just because my boss think that I could do it better and quicker. And I'm not good at keeping my feelings inside, like, my annoyance is always blatant so everyone can tell when the cogs are turning in my head and I am plotting murder for those slackers.

This is bad. My current job is more lenient then the ones I've had before, but that also means my co-workerd here are more of a slob here and have a lack of responsibility (especially older ones, ffs). These people are fun, but they are also obnoxious and lazy. I could start feeling my soul and skills rotten when exposed to these kinds everyday.
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30 March 2014 @ 01:12 pm
"人生は厳しいです" - Life is tough

sou, sou.
Long time no see long time no see
So this May will mark my 10th Blogversary (or journal anniversary, suit yourself) wow, it's been long. and I'm getting old hahaha.. I did start this blog when I was 18, so.. (Now you know ;P)

This blog had been the place where I could channel my rants, ramblings, reviews, and mostly fangirling spazzes into paragraphs (I went as far as doing Japanese translations for AAA stuffs lol, talk about dedication) until I stopped posting several years ago for the sake of Tumblr.

Tumblr was fun, yeah. I was active for about a year or so, gained many followers and friends in the process (thousands of them ;>) but later I got so busy with my job, that even though I was still fangirling hardcore, my creating Bigbang/Nyongtory graphics and socializing on Tumblr took a back seat cos apparently they were too much for me to juggle. I guess I stopped doing edits and gifs by the end of 2012, and since then I had only done some reblogs or comment/message replies. That, has also stopped for a year.

So yeah.
I had to sacrifice my online and fandom time for work, and funny enough, the Job i spoke about was like, the shittiest and most underpaid job ever (at least for me, the ungrateful bitch), YET I was able to hold on to it. In fact, I managed to stay in that company since the end of 2012 (till now). Hurray.

You know I can't hold a job for a long period, I'm too lazy, easily bored, and inattentive to be able to do so.
But I got older and my subconscious probably sent alarms to my brain that it was already time for me to finally settle down (with a job, kkk). I need a stable one to finance my concert-addict ways, right ;))

Life is still tough, for Moi.

I am currently on the pry for a better job with a better working environment, but, I hope this time I won't do something I regret, like hastily changing jobs and accepting offers. Need to make sure that not only my needs and wants are met, but also my family's.

Wish me luck peeps.


Peace Out!


p.s. I discovered Wattpad recently. I'm obsessed.
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14 November 2012 @ 06:20 pm

It's been almost 2 weeks since I started to work here. I guess i'm still adapting, lol. here hoping i'm doing it well n fast enough but tbh my boss' absence doesn't help at all. so far i only met him once, on the first day.


It wasn't his fault, i know. But since he's already been discharged from hospital since 2 days ago, i did hope he'd show up today. which he didnt.


Tomorrow's already the long weekend


Just great.